31 years experience


My name is Anita Burbeck and I am the founder of Golden Needle Tattoo Studio. I have been tattooing for 31 years and learned under Nopi Qual. My mentor was a nurse and taught me to use hospital procedures when tattooing even though they were not standard steps in the tattoo industry.  Other than my training to become a tattoo artist, I have went through different spiritual trainings in order to help her find insight on the best way to  create designs for customers or paintings.

My style is realism, with a special love for the stylization of Mucha. Tattooing portraits, animals, mythological beasts, and floral designs are just some of the things I love. I also very much enjoy Scandinavian and Celtic design work.

On my own time, I am an accomplished portrait painter, and have a special love for painting animals and horses. Though I love painting, I am also comfortable with other mediums as well. I love what I do and to say that I am passionate about what I do would only be touching the tip of the iceberg.